About Me

It me!

Hi there! My name is Jade Stewart. (Samara-Jade Stewart for when I’m in trouble.)

I am a formally trained game and narrative designer, a self-taught writer and editor, ex-MMA fighter, and budding backyard fermenter. I also sleuth through military history in my spare time, and I keep my pocket money through antique appraisal and bartering. She who wears many hats bears little time.

My expertise in games lies in the strategic, RPG, and resource management spaces. My capstone project for 2017 at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, Project Omega, combined everything from those genres: I’m proud to say it, and the team behind it, won awards from the institution. Since then, I’ve been a production designer for TeePee Studios and a contracted writer/narrative designer for Goblin Hammer Games.

Everything I make in personal projects from games to writing stems from conflict and its expressions: a tense political stand-off with nuclear arms to animal territorialism to panicked self-defence. You can find my work through itch.io, and soon to be in Goblin Hammer Games’ flagship release, Harvest Hands.